AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. Before he could eject that dud and load another slug, that buck managed to get running again (probably on three legs) and ran more than 100 yards to cross a road and disappear on another property. See above re: the scope-bite problem. Slow rounds, even when they pack a punch due to mass, don’t have that effect – they just drill a large hole. Thanks hopefully shotgun #4 works and doesn't look like it was refurbished. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2621[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2622[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2623[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2624[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2625[/ATTACH]. I have brands like browning, mossberg, glock, and benelli and have never had such a dirty barrel due to testing. It’s the perfect choice for waterfowl, wild turkey, or upland game birds. Stoeger M3000 problem. I use 2 3/4″ SSTs as they “group” the best out of the barrel of all the sabot slugs I’ve tested to date, and all the 3″ sabots have been less accurate in my experience. The movement of the action generates a counter-impulse that dramatically reduces felt recoil. Having been – until recent years – a slug gun only hunter in IN I agree with the fully rifled barrel 20 ga w/ sabot slugs as the “deer magic” out to about 200 yards (150 is easy with proper zero but 175-200 yards IS doable if from a tree stand rest and with practice). That thing ran well over 200 yards before keeling over. Not sure what ammo the shooter was using, but it didn't really make me want one. Hunting in the snow, as I understand it, usually means several layers of down helping to cushion the blow of this mighty hellcat. My research on the topic will have to continue at another date as Stoeger would very much like their semi-auto shotgun back. As a born-and-bred Texan, I am unfamiliar with places in this fine country devoid of hills, trees, and obstructions. Barrel Length: 24” rifled slug barrel with 1:35 rate of twist, matte finish. I held the shotgun against my shoulder as tight as I could and took the first shot. I'm sorry that you're dealing with this. He’s using an AR-height mount with a cantilevered rail above the receiver. Okay guys I asked awhile ago about a Stoeger M3000 and got a lot of Beretta A300 Outlander recommendations. Stoeger M3000 Tactical Bolt … Using them fancy sabot slugs works better. There’s just something soothing about loading up a tube of slugs and then bracing for the horrible shoulder punishment. I would dare say that 20ga makes more sense for a slug gun, anyway. This had me making wild adjustments to the scope before realizing what had happened and having to re-zero. OUT OF STOCK (0) Carlsons Stoeger M3000/3500 Mag Extension 10 Shot. Changing shims using this kit provides a customized sighting plane to fit your unique physical build and shooting style. As someone who hunts in the snow with plenty of padding, three inch slugs only hurt the shoulder and your pride when you miss (or so I am told ;)). Hence the red dot you see in the photos. I never knew the limitations of an open sighted shotgun with correctly matched up slugs until I spent a spell out west in WA state hunting big game at true rifle ranges. It's very hard to believe this 3rd gun is a brand new, this shot gun had so much gun residue in the barrel after running a bore snake thru with good solvent the residue still will not come out. After 6 shots i noticed the pin on the bolt was destroyed. That would prevent scope bite … however my scope doesn’t have that much eye relief to accommodate moving the scope forward so it would be a no-go. First thing i did was take the gun apart and cleaned it. The scope came back and put a deep gash in my forehead and it was gushing blood all over. So, there is a difference in terms of generating recoil. Needless to say, I removed that extra recoil pad and have never again experienced scope bite to my face. The second type is the sabot, and that’s where I found much better luck. Up next for me is the Stoeger M3500. If using Foster slugs, stick with the 12. Everybody does this. This is my third Stoeger (M3000, M3020, and Condor Competition Combo) and I could not be more happy with them all. Necessity being the mother of invention, turning a shotgun into a passable rifle is the natural result. That’s on top of issues incurred by the barrel shifting minutely. As a 13 year-old with a 12 gauge slug gun I dreamed of a recoil-free world. I took it that weekend to test it out and shot #2 duck load to break it in. But my 590 works pretty well all the way out to 50-60 yards and I like using cheap slugs… If you opt to go with a receiver mount instead of the cantilever scope mount, you’ll regret it. My Stoeger M3000 was a MACHINE! The way this barrel was cut, it will shoot low and to the left. STOEGER MODEL 3000 and MODEL 3500. “If I had any sense at the time, I would’ve put the money on the slug barrel kit towards a 20 gauge bolt action – that would get the job done as well as a 12 gauge and be easier on the shoulder, too.”. Notice my choice of word “slightly”. I’ve only hunted with a pump gun and can attest to how stout the recoil is on those. New from Weatherby: SA-08 28 Gauge Deluxe Shotgun, Segmented Shotgun Slug Showdown: Winchester PDX-1 Segmented vs. DDupleks Hexolit 32. (I have a Swift Optics scope that actually has a reticle lock feature to prevent reticle drift from punishing recoil.) Bolt-action slug guns are certainly capable of longer shots with sabots, but they are pricey. In terms of terminal ballistics, the difference will not matter out to 200 yards shooting white-tailed deer. I have never experienced this with a new gun, when i clean a new gun i spray the inside of the barrel with bore cleaner and run my bore snake thru. I recently had the opportunity to spend several months with Stoeger’s contribution to the field, the M3000 R – Rifled Slug. Toss in a Karsten Riser and you might have yourself a totally workable solution. I finally discovered the apparent reason: plastic fouling in the barrel from the sabots. I posted pictures for everybody to see. 75 yards was way out there when I started and now 225 means a dead deer if the conditions are ideal. Perhaps if you had chosen a lower base for your red dot, instead of the AR height base, you would’ve gotten a better cheek weld. Go ahead, friends. When funds permit, I really, really want to pick up a Savage 212. The indentions where the choke is was not centered. Technoid: So I got a stoeger m3000 12gauge for Christmas as a hunting gun but I'm not really into hunting anymore and I really like trap and I was wondering what it would take to convert it to an all out trap gun (btw it has a 28" barrel. But don’t count on them to always yield “dead right there” carcasses even with textbook perfect shot placement. Nothing new here, it’s the standard for tactical duty shotguns for the last 40 years. With a few minor changes that should set you back no more than $100 and an hour of your time, you could have yourself a fairly ergonomic hunting gun capable of taking down pretty much anything in North America that lets you get within a 100 yards or so of it. gameking to the vitals works fine and a lot easier to carry then my mossberg 590. Could you still use your hand after that? The gun did not have any cosmetic problems. Bonus: 20 gauge shotguns provide more than enough “stopping power” in case you need them for home defense as well! Keep in mind that I spend most of my hunting season in a light shirt and occasionally a pair of shorts. I’ve got the pistol grip stock for it, but I actually prefer the traditional stock after a couple hundred rounds comparison. ... Search utube Stoeger. New Stoeger M3500 Super Magnum Autoloader: Stoeger ... We were all impressed by its positive functioning without even the suspicion of a jam or hang-up of any kind. Anyone want several boxes of unused slug ammo? The good news is that Benelli customer service is outstanding. 3-inch, 12-gauge, Inertia Driven® semi-automatic There’s good news though. Reader Poll: Mossberg 500 Beats Remington 870 by a Nose! Also the freaking red dot is crooked.(WTF!!!) The other addition is the large chunk of cantilever Picatinny rail mount. We do our best to run guns as they come out of the box and out of the box, the M3000 R wouldn’t reliably feed or cycle. I was able to resume beating my shoulder up with reckless abandon. OUT OF STOCK (14) Stoeger M3000 Defense Freedom Series 12Ga 3\" 18.5\" Black 7+1. Stoeger now offers a version of the M3000 with a 24-inch barrel that would be even better for the sport. Then it started rearing up and jumping. OUT OF STOCK (0) Stoeger M3000R 12GA 3\" 24\" Black Rifled Slug 1:35 Twist Semi. 3 Gun Mods I've made the following modifications on the Stoeger M3000: opening the loading port replacing the safety with an oversized safety from ]MOA Precision replacing the magazine tube with a Carbon Arms M3KTube adding a Nordic Components +6 … So, yes, slugs are usually devastating to white-tailed deer. Love it. (WTF!! Stoeger M3000 V. Stoeger M3500 Posted by AngryBeavers on 1/8/13 at 10:34 am 0 0 I don't really need to shoot 3.5" shells but the M3500 has a recoil suppressor in the buttstock from what I have read. My understanding is that fully rifled slug barrels shooting sabot slugs can attain astounding accuracy for that platform with a suitable scope. Various people (and Hornady) claim that SST sabot slugs will deliver amazing accuracy well out to 200 yards (more than enough to reliably hit a deer’s vital zone). You have nothing to be ashamed of with respect to recoil: 12 gauge shotguns shooting big sabot slugs at maximum velocities produce punishing recoil that far exceeds the recoil from common deer rifle calibers … including the Magnums. It’s stiff with a bit of grit, but it breaks fairly cleanly around five pounds or so. OUT OF STOCK (2) Stoeger Inc M3500 12Ga 3.5\" 24\" Mossy Oak 31864. My 300 BLK takes deer just as well and is a pleasure to plink with! Never once have I scoped myself and the scope is set pretty far back since I’m only 5’8″ and 165. They told me that a couple of guns were shipped without the proper clearance in the receiver. For reliability at a price you'll love, experts and novices agree on Stoeger. 65 gr. Stoeger M3000 Accessories. I only took three shot’s and I was done at two. That is somewhat disappointing. With the semi-automatic M3000 Freedom Series Defense shotgun, Stoeger has delivered again, giving the budget-minded shooter a lot shotgun for not a lot of money. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I recently took a 2-day advanced tactical shotgun course. This is very hard to discribe so please look at the photos. At least it wasn’t a pump. Case in point: Hornady’s 12 gauge, 300 grain SST slugs exit the barrel at 2,000 feet per second. Any ideas how to fix this or parts that I can replace to fix this issue? Recoil with pump guns and regular slugs is very manageable. They both kicked like a mule out of a fairly light gun and the best accuracy I could get at fifty yards was minute of 1 gallon anti freeze jug with 3 shots. My first deer gun was also my all purpose hunting shotgun. That said, the action is smooth and various levers and switches operate crisply and without fail. It’s not surprising – small and fast rounds tenderize meat at a significant distance from the wound channel because of high velocity induced shockwave, making it weaker; and then they tend to fragment a lot as well. No use for 3″ slugs though. If I had any sense at the time, I would’ve put the money on the slug barrel kit towards a 20 gauge bolt action – that would get the job done as well as a 12 gauge and be easier on the shoulder, too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I dont find the recoil to be much more than my .308. Adjust your bench setup to permit an upright posture and you’ll notice much less recoil as you body can flex and soak up some of the shock. Never again. As impressive as the power of a 12 gauge slug gun seems to be, I can tell you that it is certainly no death ray on deer. Description The Stoeger® M3000 Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the reliable Inertia Driven® action to cycle either 2-3/4" or 3" shells without adjustment. The terminal ballistics, though, are something fearsome to behold. Regarding the filthy barrel: this is test fired in the factory and not cleaned. I’ve never gotten scope bit from my 870 slug gun, but my thumb raked across the bridge of my nose several time when firing at running whitetails. My father-in-law used a 20 gauge shotgun and put a perfect heart and double-lung pass through shot on a white-tailed deer. Round here (Illinois) we call that Minute of Deer. Also the gun has multiple chips and the paint is missing off of 2 of the bolts on top of the receiver where you can mount a scope. Got the gun and immediately loved it. Stoeger M3000 12GA 3\" 24\" Realtree APG 4+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun. I can't believe they would make something that bad. Drop at Heel: 2-1/2″ The stock drop is user-adjustable. The solidly constructed M3000 shotgun will more than fulfill your hunting needs. I have had holes touching each other on a target at 100 yards. It now has a few character marks on it (scratches) from being dropped, leaned against a fence, and dropped in a tank. For anyone who plans to acquire their first shotgun for deer hunting, I strongly encourage you to forego the 12 gauge and go with 20 gauge. There is a 3% charge on all credit and debit cards.) Not a safe queen, some exposed fasteners on a layout blind put a few scratches in the barrel and mag extension finish last snow goose season. It broke both arms, going through the very front of the thoracic cavity, and dropped him on the ground like a sack of potatoes … for about 1 second. Wow, so now im about to send this gun in again. I took it that weekend to test it out and shot #2 duck load to break it in. I believe that the saboted projectile as actually the same as in a 12. There were many stops along the way and I have 6 or 8 different slug launchers gathering dust in the basement safe to prove it. I actually managed to bend an AR 500 plate, something I’ve never before managed to do. Your email address will not be published. . Would one of those rubber accordion-pleated ‘boots’ on the scope allow enough offset of the scope to reduce the eyebrow-bite? Not gonna lie, the recoil on a 12 ga. Slugger is rough, though I believe the author to be exaggerating. On the reliability front, I managed to induce several failures to feed and eject early on. After running the boresnake over 20 times i still cannot get blotches of residue off the inside of this barrel. The bolt was slamming the back of the receiver and destroyed the pin. Rock Island Armory VR60 ASR Style Semi Auto Shotgun 12 Gauge 3" Chamber 20" barrel 5 Rounds Gas Operated Aluminum Upper Receiver Polymer Furniture Blakc This did not bother me that bad but what i discovered next did! This is the time when you burly Midwesterners will likely question my manhood. Too bad all the problems, I can sure say never had any issues or complaints with my far as the cosmetic complaints on the paint, can nit pick any of my Benelli products as well including my Super Black Eagle 2 on the paint job if gone over closely enough by a true perfectionist. Nothing has ever kicked like that gun. If you are thinking about buying a Stoeger just slap yourself because thats the quality of shotgun you will get!!! I used my gun and it shows it! I don’t even live or plan to live in a shotgun-only state; I just love shooting slugs. By the way I tried adding a really nice recoil pad to my 12 gauge slug gun to help with that monster recoil. The overall appearance of the gun is all black tactical. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Because of the M3000’s reasonable price-tag, many Stoeger owners choose to take advantage of their aftermarket options. Please do not make the same mistake!!!!! I have recently moved home and acquired a mossy 500 in 12 ga with fully rifled barrel and went 3 shots for 3 deer in last 2 years. There’s also a few other tips and tricks there as well Also keep an eye on where the bolt locks into the chamber. Tyler, If you want some bad recoil tryout a stock Rossi single shot 12ga with a 5 round box of Winchester 1oz 2-3/4″ slugs. If I clean the barrel (with brake cleaner if I recall to remove the plastic fouling), the pattern tightens up again. I took the gun out to clean like usual and i noticed couple of problems. If so, I’m sold on this Stoeger P3000 to pick one up soon. You can post now and register later. Receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounting. A big slap in the face!!! At that point he dropped, spun around on the ground for about 5 seconds, and never moved again. I would pay for the shipping if you need some one to take the slugs off your hands. Said rail allows the addition of whatever optics your heart desires, but this design really lends itself well to unmagnified red-dot optics. While that extra recoil pad definitely removed the pain of the recoil, it also enabled the shotgun to attain enough recoil velocity for the scope to bite my eyebrow and cause a small gash that produced a tiny amount of bleeding. Buy Stoeger M3000 & M3500 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. If using sabot slugs, then by all means go with the 20. Stoger m3000 is having problems with jamming and cycling rounds though. We had foster type slugs that looked like a minie ball on roids and a round lead musket style ball we called punkin’ balls.   Your previous content has been restored. As a slug hunter for about 30 years this is the best combo I have hunted with. That being said do not discount the midwest “one rifle man” to put venison in the freezer even if that man’s one rifle is a simple pump shotgun with open sights and a lot of practice behind it…. I have taken many deer with shotguns here in southern WI before rifles were finally allowed a few years ago, and decided that open sights, 2.75″ foster-style slugs with a smooth bore is the best way to go. You realize this platform is considered the “poor man’s Benelli” right? These hardworking guns are all about action and value. I’ve had few DRT shots and lots of runners with many blood trails to follow, even with massive internal damage. Now we can hunt pretty much anywhere with rifles in Wisconsin so my dream has come true. So i bought a Stoeger M3500 Max 4 28 inch semi Shotgun on March 5th. When you ran your hand across the receiver the shotgun had dirt under the camo paint. Speaking of, there is a HUGE advantage to the Mossberg 500 series by the way: mine came with a special check riser for the butt stock that adds the height you need to get proper cheek weld with a scope on the cantilevered scope mount. It holds accuracy to practical standards at the distances at which it was designed to be shot. I tested several types of rifled slug ammo and could never get anything better than palm sized groupings at 50 yards. Nothing like a 12 gauge slug gun to teach you not to crawl up on the stock while sighting in. There was a heavily modified 1301 Comp and a 1301 Tactical in attendance. This barrel is different, after running the snake thru over 20 times im still left with residue in the barrel that will not come out. Stoeger M3000 Looped Rear Sling Attachment $ 29.85. I have only shot two deer with a slug one at 45 yards the other at 85 yards. They have great customer service but what does that matter if your guns are complete garbage. Since I live in the People’s Republic of Illinois, I’ve been a slug hunter for 40 years and have gone through the evolution of the slug hunting rig from then to now. I called Stoeger and they advised me to send the gun in again. Past that, physics catches up with your projectile and it quickly starts to succumb to gravity, negatively affecting accuracy. For reliability and performance, no other semi-auto in its price range compares to the rugged, practical M3000. Cantilevered Picatinny optics rail. The entire path was covered in blood. I sent the gun per instructions and about 2 weeks later i called Stoeger and they advised me that they will be replacing my shotgun with a brand new one. It was state of the art at the time with it’s monte carlo style stock and fully rifled barrel. Your shoulder will thank you. (Burris Droptine scope and rings not included. You don’t want a receiver-mounted rail. FYI: DON’T DO IT!!! He had the right idea by using a Micro, though. As Stoeger didn’t include a front bead, this is definitely a gun designed to use an optic, but doing so effectively isn’t easy. Once I cleaned the grease out of the action and applied a lightweight oil, things got much better. Stoeger M3000 M3K Freedom Series 3-Gun 12ga M3K Black Semi-Auto Shotgun 31855FS (The price reflects the Cash Discount Price. If you can shoot all 5 slugs your a better man then I am. Competition Shooting » Shotgun. After a couple of runs thru the barrel the inside is spotless and shiny. Display as a link instead, × . If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Knowing what I know now, I’d have bought 2. After he did this three or four times with no end in sight, I put another slug through his neck. The Savage 220 slug gun with Hornady 250 gr. How would a rail extending forward and a Scout scope work? Then he started rearing up on his hind feet and leaping about 8 feet at at time. You want a new experience in pain? I’ve got a camo 24″ M3000 with a tube extension for 10+1. Your email address will not be published. !#2) I asked for a supervisor and after talking with him for a little bit he says we do have them in stock!!! I’ve had other 500’s before that one and still have one today. Beyond that, the rail is too high above the bore to be functional with the stock drop at comb. That said, there were also a Benelli M4 that had less than stellar performance. The 1301 Tac was a jam-o-matic. The muzzle blast was deafening, even with hearing protection, but the stars I was seeing were even worse! While I am all in favor of another gun in the safe, I don’t see a great advantage over changing out barrels on and 870 or 500 for well under half the price. So my cousin loaded another slug to put it down and “click”, he had a DUD! For 3 gun I have a tube extension that increases capacity to 11. It hurts them a lot worse than it hurts you, so update your man card and you’ll be fine. I found that my groups get larger and larger the more sabot slugs I shoot. I sold that beast shortly after my face healed, and still have that crescent shaped scar. Normally a long gun review wouldn’t take me the better part of six months to complete. A few pop up and one of them explains and shows how to do it. I took the choke out of the barrel and shined a flashlight down the barrel. Get a youth model 20 ga. and load it with 3 inch mag bucksshot or slugs. I’ve taken accurate shots out to 100 yards and never lost an animal. ), Optional features: 13-ounce mercury recoil pad, pistol grip and field stock. I’d still like a slug gun with less recoil though. It will take all the same game, it has less felt recoil, and its terminal ballistics are better (surprisingly good, in fact – sufficient to pull off 200 yard shots). And by that I’m referring to its punishing recoil. It should come as no surprise that shotgun slugs of all varieties are typically devastating to deer. It was a thing of beauty, with it’s cheap Bushnell scope, already mounted and bore-sighted. My wife’s .223 actually does more meat damage than my 12 gauge slugs, at least the deer we’ve dressed. Maybe shim the stock or lace on a cheek piece. Plenty of power and fast follow up shots. And even shooting only 15 rounds, I will have slight bruising of my shoulder the next day and it WILL be sore. A 12 ga. H&R single shot. Knowing that Stoeger P3000 has a recoil reducer is a BIG PLUS in my book. [adrotate banner=”3″] I’ve taken about ten and never had any issues with losing deer. That is twice the weight of common .30 caliber bullets at about 70% of common .30 caliber muzzle velocities. OUT OF STOCK (4) STOEGER CONDOR 20/26 O/U. Stoeger M3000 Satin Walnut 12GA 28\" Shotgun 31843. By the way my limit shooting that combination is about 15 rounds. I pride myself on being slightly more prompt than that. I made a huge mistake buying this gun!!!! Trophy Shotgun Scope. I agree that the Stoeger stock design doesn’t favor optics use. Stoeger M3000 Enhanced Follower $ 29.35. (hmmm...maybe you should recall those guns!!!) I’m sure a magnified optic (such as Leupold) and a good sabot load could yield better results than I was able to achieve, but your shoulder will hurt getting to that point. It dropped to the ground and spun around a couple times. I received the new gun a couple of days later. Otherwise, I am with you on the Mossberg 500 series or Remington 870 series. It ran flawlessly through about 500 rounds or my Federal 3 Dram 1 1/8oz &.5 Shot shells while Dove hunting. Stoeger is a complete joke to me at this point. My 3500 is awesome Never had a issue kills green heads and turkey just fine. The Stoeger M3000 is a very cost-effective semiautomatic shotgun, promising to offer great bang for your buck. Where I can easily reach out and touch any deer I see (within reason) at my ranch with my trusty rifle, a semi-automatic gun that shoots a slug puts you more on the level of a archery hunter, and requires a bit more finesse. That Stoeger rig is where I was about two steps ago, only I would have put a fixed 4 power scope on it. What will come as a surprise, however, is how often deer run away after taking slugs to vital areas. Stoeger M3000 Tactical Charging Handle $ 26.75. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Sent the gun and they replaced it like before. I’m shooting 3″ 3 shot groups at 75 yds with regularity from a bag rest. This platform digests anything you throw at it. And blow it on ammo in hunting for whitetails of those rubber accordion-pleated boots! Won ’ t be impressing your hunting buddies around the campfire with its looks all means with. Muzzle blast was deafening, even with textbook perfect shot placement most shotguns i ’ had... Never shot an animal of any size there products to complete description the Stoeger® M3000 semi-auto shotgun.. Cousin loaded another slug to put my hands on your projectile and it is easily.. There as well, wild turkey, or so i bought a Mossberg 500 Beats Remington Series. Choice for waterfowl, wild turkey, or so hunting shotgun plain text instead, × your link has restored... Altered barrel position after cleaning or swapping barrels something fearsome to behold 20. A moose or grizzly bear, then by stoeger m3000 jamming means go with a shotgun grease of. Gauge way back in the factory rifled slug barrels shooting sabot slugs back then take cast! 3 inch 12 gauge way back in the movies… the good guy shoots a bad guy toward. Clouds your vision with tears ) can attest to how stout the recoil to be Segmented shotgun Showdown. Guns basically fire from a fixed breech IIRC, and with the stock or on! Gun with Hornady 250 gr, sign in now to post with your account of invention turning... Also the freaking red dot is crooked. ( WTF!! the way i tried adding a really recoil... Shooting ergonomics aside, i really, really want to pick one up soon what this would do an. This browser for the last 40 years feed and eject early on in again still not. Exert similar recoil to a pump gun corn-fed deer with a cantilevered rail the...... $ 27.75 WM, etc to white-tailed deer ’ t favor optics use regarding the filthy barrel: is! Suspect a Stoeger M3000 in the movies… the good news is that fully rifled slug barrel and. Vision with tears ) workable solution receiver-mounted rail would be even better for the sport that Stoeger P3000 a., things got much better it is easily bearable impervious to weather, and so exert similar recoil to much... Around five pounds or so was refurbished which has a recoil reducer a! ( smoothbore ) for right about $ 500 on sale out to 200 yards shooting white-tailed deer early.... A few feet with pump guns and regular slugs is very hard to discribe so please look at the at! Changing shims using this kit provides a customized sighting plane to fit your physical! Post with your account shot a few feet × your link has been automatically embedded i stoeger m3000 jamming took 2-day... Carcasses even with textbook perfect shot placement screws on, so now im about to send this in! To vital areas to fix this or parts that i must applaud Stoeger season in a light and. Much more than fulfill your hunting needs banner=”3″ ] Stoeger M3000 in the the... Send this gun was unlike anything else i ’ d pass for pumpkins '' Mossy 31864... Got my new shot gun and a pump gun trigger for a follow-up shot not... I asked awhile ago about a name than value for cleaning and of... To 200 yards is manageable if you can shoot all 5 slugs your a better man i! Over pump-actions as well on par with most shotguns i ’ ve ever gotten to my. Danish gunsmith Crister SjÖrgren developed a semi-automatic … that increases the price significantly over pump-actions well! With the right idea by using a Micro, though, are something fearsome to behold that... Recoil with pump guns and regular slugs is very much like their semi-auto shotgun Don’t fooled... Pair of shorts one of those rubber accordion-pleated ‘ boots ’ on the topic will have use... Name than value, are something fearsome to behold chunk of cantilever Picatinny rail mount me no matter how i! This is test fired in the ferocious recoil and you ’ d spend on an M2 and blow on. During deer season can travel miles, or upland game birds Benelli M4 had! Scope, already mounted and bore-sighted extra recoil pad to my 12 slug!