Semi-Gloss vs. aegan1021. Original Author. Flat and satin are for the walls. If you wish to touch up cabinets to cover or obscure scratches or recently patched areas, satin paint is the better choice. Trim, windows, woodwork, kitchens, bathrooms and doors are common places for semi-gloss paint. Satin is the mid-priced. Much can be written on these two paint sheens, but to narrow it down, will only think about satin and semi-gloss in bedrooms. Satin should be stain-resistant, but semigloss will wipe clean which is great for kids, messy husbands, and guests. These two terms describe different types of sheens available in any product category, be it beauty or paint. But, semi-gloss will be easier to clean....See More. Satin paints are better than flat paints if they need to be cleaned regularly. This is more of a standard. Living room or bedroom – A satin or eggshell paint flatters these areas. Flat Paint Flat paint is a term for a finish that does not reflect light, resulting in no sheen at all. Technically, they would be correct, but don’t bring that argument to light with your painter. 8 years ago. Satin is also becoming a popular option for roofing. Special gloss enamels exist specifically for these applications. Flat vs Satin vs Eggshell. Many builders use semi-gloss paint on mouldings and trim so that those elements stand out, but the slightly duller surface is a little more forgiving. Learn more about different types of sheens for your next indoor paint project. This makes higher-gloss paints very useful in kitchens, bathrooms and some dining rooms. Although there are many paint finishes that deliver a good sheen, semi-gloss has a much better shine than satin. Ceiling – Use flat paint to reduce light glare and hide imperfections. Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy” in satin finish. While there is a difference in the level of sheen, satin and semi-gloss are much closer in sheen level than, for example, flat versus gloss paint. Semi-gloss is even tougher and a cinch to clean. Satin finishes have a beautiful luster that is often described as appearing velvety. Satin Vs. Semi Gloss Kitchen Cabinets. In terms of the actual paint finishes, Consumer Reports recommends using either satin or semi-gloss. Charles Ramos, Jr. on Oct 16, 2019. Semi-gloss 30-45%: Resene Sonyx 101, Resene Lustacryl, Resene Lusta-Glo. Use it for the walls, ceiling, and even the trim, because many satin finishes are tougher than they once were. Satin Paint Written by Purva Bhandari on Apr 23, 2010. Eggshell and satin are popular for interiors because they’re neither too matte nor too glossy—just shiny enough to make a paint project pop. Satin. Explaining the difference between the two, giving a background of these finishes, from a paint industry prescriptive. Gloss Paint. This type of sheen is preferable, because it doesn't amplify imperfections like semi-gloss sheen does. Semi-gloss paint is also much smoother than satin paint at a microscopic level, which reduces the effects of many sources of wear. Whereas semi-gloss is better for cleanup, satin is better for touchups. I was thinking semi gloss or the satin, but I am not really sure if I know what the satin looks like. If you have a lot of dents and other deformities on your wall, semi-gloss might not be the best choice. They have, however, also come to be associated with a type of product. Infant playrooms will also hold up much longer if finished in semi-gloss. Just be aware that higher sheen paints are thinner in consistency, and can be harder to work with and control for a smooth fi A lot of times satin can be used for walls and trim as well, for those wishing to have the same finish, as it's not only more economical, but easier to do. Flat is the cheapest. Reviewed by . The higher the numbers, the glossier the finish. But a lot you might not know which is the best option for your home. Satin is slightly less lustrous than semi-gloss, and can appear to be both flat and glossy, depending on the lighting in the room. Heavy-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from high gloss paint as an alternative to more traditional tile splashes. 2. Semi-gloss paints have more sheen than satin paints so thus are shinier. Kitchen cabinets painted with a satin finish add depth to the space and will hold up over time. Gloss is also very easy to wipe down and wash, while low-gloss paints take a little more effort to clean. Both satin paint and semi-gloss paint are great options for your home if you use it the right way. It's better that flat and easier to clean. Comments (2) The simple rule of thumb to remember is the higher the gloss, the more long-lasting the paint. These words trouble those who go out to purchase paint when they are repainting their homes. Satin also stays cleaner, as the dirt doesn’t grip to the slick surface as much as a flat finish.” Trim/baseboards – Use a semi-gloss, which offers a bit of sheen and is easy to clean. Satin paint also better resists moisture than flat paint, making it a natural choice for bathrooms. A home that is expected to have heavy use should be painted with satin finish paint or even a semi-gloss paint. I wouldn't put a semi-gloss on the wall cause it's has the most shine and it shows imperfections in the wall surface more than a flat or satin would. Satin and Semi Gloss. Semi-Gloss Trim Paint . Reflection. It all depends upon the type of finish one wants from the walls or other structures to be painted. Related Topics. A mildew-resistant blend can be a smart choice for windows and bathrooms where moisture can build up. House Painting; Read More. Kitchen cabinets generally need to be painted using durable paints that can withstand scratches, smoke, oil spills, and grease. Paint for oak kitchen cabinets- satin or semi...also lighting issue. A semi-gloss is the next step down in shininess from a gloss. A low-gloss or matte finish might have a 60-degree value of 10 or less and an 85-degree sheen value between 20 and 30. New paint gives your cabinets a facelift that updates and refreshes your whole kitchen. Sheen is also a good indicator of stain resistance and how washable a coat of paint will be. Semi-gloss Paint vs. Scrubbing flat paint is likely to remove some of the paint rather than just the dirt. SATIN PAINT FINISH. This smoothness makes high-gloss paint more stain resistant and less susceptible to picking up dirt and grime. Satin paints tend to impart more warmth and depth to surfaces than do flat paints. They are more stain resistant than flat paints, but less stain resistant than semi-gloss and gloss paints. While painting your house interior or exterior and any kind of furniture it is important to know which type will be perfect for an attractive look. Determining satin or semi-gloss for exterior trim, siding, soffits, gutters, fascia, also garage doors is much easier than you might have thought. While satin finishes tend to be fairly durable in high traffic areas, they’re not as durable and versatile as semi-gloss against mildew and mold. Expert Tip: As a general rule, the glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean. Satin vs Semi-Gloss Durability . Satin vS Semi-gloss Paint. Instead, you’ll want to choose eggshell or a flat paint. Maintenance. Many paints, particularly eg-shel and satins, contain both a gloss and a sheen number: These qualities combined give such paints their distinctive luster. They argue, "Satin is more durable and shinier than eggshell and is ideal for a bathroom. As great as semi-gloss is, there is one downside to using it. If properly applied to a sound surface, semi-gloss paint will resist the effects of weathering and general wear and tear for longer than satin paint. Semi-gloss is for your trim molding. Thus, a high-gloss paint might have a 60-degree gloss value of 80 or more. Semi-gloss finishes can be used anywhere you would use a gloss, and are popular choices for walls in bathrooms and kitchens. Satin Vs. Semi-gloss Paint In Bedrooms. Satin Or Semi Gloss For Exterior Trim? Well, to be specific, satin paint and semi-gloss paint have different properties and finishes. High gloss paints are considered to be the strongest and most durable. Benjamin Moore’s “Smoke Embers” in semi-gloss finish.