However, I can't seem to figure out how to turn them off. Sometimes, however, the presenter view appears on your projector and the slide view on your computer. The “PowerPoint Options” window will appear. To move to the previous or next slide, select the Previous or Next arrow. PowerPoint 2011 on a MacBook - Turning Off Presenter View If you try to show a PowerPoint 2011presentation using your projector and SmartBoard you may encounter an unforeseen problem. Check this box and Presenter View will start up when you begin the slideshow. If you frequently hide the slide thumbnails when working in PowerPoint, consider changing the default view in which PowerPoint opens. Though I love Keynote and make many of my new lessons with it, most of my old lessons are still PowerPoint files. The first thing I recommend is to click this option to open up the settings. Turn On PowerPoint Presenter View. To point with a laser or write on your slides, point at the screen with the mouse and then select the Pen and laser pointer tool on the pop-up toolbar at the lower left. Open the Presenter View Settings. However, some may still insist that the dated look of PowerPoint is better. In The good news is that ProPresenter can bring the text from PowerPoint into a presentation or imports stills of the slides. ... C. Turn on/off Presenter view . To turn off Presenter View, follow these steps before running the presentation … If you want to attach strong protection to the PowerPoint presentation, you can encrypt the presentation with an open password. Use the controls in Presenter view. Keep reading to find out more about using Presenter View in PowerPoint and the best features to try out. I'll turn on the Presenter Notes in View. Our article below will show you where to find this setting so that you can select your preferred view from a handful of options. In the ribbon’s Monitors section, you will see a check box next to the words Use Presenter View. To start using Presenter view, select Slide Show > Presenter View. PowerPoint 2013 uses Presenter View by default when you project slides onto the projector or dual monitors. Use the Swap button to see Keynote Presenter View. Presenter View is a useful screen which displays your current and next slides, as well as an optional place for notes. I am a teacher who recently switched to Mac. PowerPoint 2013 (and later versions) now uses Presenter View by default in Slide Show mode on dual-display computers (i.e.classroom projector setups with a lectern computer with a monitor and a projector). Follow below steps to turn off the Presenter View mode: To stop PowerPoint from automatically starting a slide show in Presenter View: On top menu bar, click on the [Slide Show] ribbon. To do this, head over to the “File” tab and then select “Options” from the bottom of the left-hand pane. The obvious, "Uncheck View Presenter Tools", doesn't seem to do anything. 2. Powerpoint - Presenter View on your Mac . Mac Users: Click on the Slide Show tab and look for a section titled Setting for Two Displays. The "Presenter Tools" in Powerpoint 2008 are quite useful to remind me where I am in the presentation, keep timing, etc. Change PowerPoint’s Default View. You can open the Keynote Presenter View settings to change them. Fortunately Powerpoint for Office 365 has a setting that lets you specify which view should be used whenever you open a presentation in the program. 4. This version of PowerPoint defaults to "Presenter View" when the software becomes aware that a projector is attached to the laptop. To turn off Read only in PowerPoint, you must be the owner of the presentation or have the write privileges. I am annoyed that when using a second screen in presenter mode, the top menu hides on my screen (with the notes, next slide, current slide, etc.) In the Monitors group, uncheck [Use Presenter View].